Mentoring Makes The Difference

Vulnerable children and young adults with histories of abuse and poverty are easy targets for sex traffickers. Threats, lies, violence, and other forms of control and manipulation are used to keep victims involved in the sex industry.

The problem is so severe in south Florida that the FBI has formed a special task force to address the issue. We at Peacemakers made the decision to help stop the abuse of the youth in our community.

We chose to partner with His House Children’s Home, a faith-based social services agency providing a safe home to children from newborn to 21 years of age. Together, we developed a plan to work with the girls and boys who are at risk of becoming victims of the sex trafficking industry.

Our first mentoring project included twelve girls identified as high risk. Our goal was to see the positive outcomes of a successful mentoring relationship in these girl’s lives. Trained mentors serve as positive role models, providing emotional support, positive feedback, and becoming a steady, reliable presence.

We are happy to say that we’ve seen improved academic achievement, a stronger sense of self-worth, and improved relationships with peers and the general population. Our mentors are making a difference!

One of the girls we are mentoring shared some thoughts with Peacemaker Family Center’s Executive Director, Pastor Linda Freeman. She said, “Before I was placed in foster care, I was like a rose trying to grow in concrete. But God took me out of my abusive home, placed me at His House, and then I met you. I know that I am strong enough now to make it.”

Our mentoring and volunteering is making a positive difference in these children’s lives. If you would like to help us reach even more children, please click on donate at the top or bottom of this page. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE TOO!

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