Crap Matters – Missions In Cambodia

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Crap matters. Yes, I’m talking about human waste. Poop; Doodie; Dung; Feces; Droppings; Stool; Poo; Crap. Are we on the same page? Good. Let me explain, because this is something you desperately need to know.

What we do with crap matters. You probably didn’t use the toilet today and think to yourself, “I’m sure glad I have a toilet.” But maybe after you read this you will. Each year 1.8 million people die from diarrhea caused by poor sanitation, 90% of whom are children. Many scientists and statisticians believe this problem can be dramatically improved with one thing, a toilet. This is because about 2.5 billion people don’t have access to a toilet or latrine, and as a result 40% of the world’s population practices “open defecation.” This directly multiplies countless diseases, parasites, and water born illnesses that cause diarrhea. This is why 1.6 million children die annually from crap.

This is precisely why Peacemakers and Trinity Church sent a team to Cambodia (Photos Below). Under the leadership and vision of Pastor Linda Freeman, a team of plumbers, nurses, engineers, contractors, and teachers all helped launch our very first international missions and development project. Like we do in Miami, we partnered with the local government and other Christian non-profits focused on long term sustainable missions models. Together we helped build something called a biogas digester. Think septic tank with benefits. This biogas digester processes human waste into clean energy, and purifies the feces into healthy manure. We successfully installed five toilets and sinks, which will feed into the bigoas digester. The system cleans their water, which helps with their food supply, gives them methane to cook with and sell, and provides manure to use on their six acre farm with surplus to sell at a profit. We were able to provide them with sanitation, two micro economic business plans, and skills in farming both livestock and agriculture, all while sharing the love of Christ. This trip was a huge success, but our efforts are just beginning.

Next week we send another team back to Cambodia. We are focusing on implementing a two year structure of support for long-term sustainability, to help our site gain independence from further assistance. We’ll be doing the tests to make sure the digester is healthy and functioning and build a pigpen to house more pigs to help their digester produce more manure for their business efforts. We’ll also be investigating and gathering research for the possibility of partnering with a local sex trafficking safe house in hopes of taking our sanitation efforts to more hurting and hopeless people.

This is where you come in. We need your help. The success of this project and further projects is dependent upon you. Toilets save lives, period. We need to raise another $20,000 to continue saving lives in Cambodia. With your help, we aim to provide more of these services specifically to children and victims of sex trafficking. These children are at a high risk of water born and sanitation related disease.

Please, donate today. Your gift of $2,000 or even $20 helps make the difference as we save lives and share Jesus. Thank you for your generous support.

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