Champion Of Service Award!

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Peacemakers was honored to receive the Champion of Service Award! The award recognizes organizations that meet the needs of Florida citizens through the use of volunteers. Governor Rick Scott presented the award, on behalf of the state of Florida, during a meeting of the Florida Cabinet.

Governor Scott said, “As the holiday season approaches, we are reminded of the importance of helping others and working to improve our communities. It is an honor to recognize Peacemakers for their selfless service to Floridians in need.

Peacemakers depends on volunteers and donors to provide services to our community. Peacemakers has been an AmeriCorps site for ten years. This year we were recognized as the TOP AmeriCorps site in the State of Florida.

AmeriCorp volunteers serve multiple roles at Peacemakers depending on their personal skills and attributes. They serve as Servant Leader Interns in our Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School After School Program, and as Case Managers in our Peacemakers Family Center or Children of Inmates Program.

Thank you for helping us achieve this prestigious award! It’s because of your constant generosity and the vision of our leaders that we’ve been awarded for our excellence and willingness to serve our community.

Merry Christmas, Friend!! May you and yours have a JOYFUL Christmas season!

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