1000 Gifts For 1000 Children

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The parents of many of the children in our community can’t afford to buy them a gift for Christmas. Many of the kids live in single-parent homes, have an incarcerated parent (children of inmates), or have an absentee father – all difficult situations for a child.

Each year, Peacemakers has the opportunity to bless over 1,000 of these precious children from low-income homes.

We bring the gift of HOPE to children and families in need. That hope can lead to lasting positive change in the community. The children who receive these gifts learn the true lesson of Christmas, selfless love. The parents discover a loving community, and we then have the opportunity to help them in other ways through our Food Pantry, housing assistance, and job assistance.

By sharing One Gift with a child, we have the opportunity
to build stronger families and a stronger community.

1000 Gifts for 1000 Children is one way Peacemakers shares God’s Love during the holidays. We want to give every child, and all of their family members, a Christmas to remember!

You can help. Click to DONATE and you will be able to help us bring Hope and Peace to one or more families this Christmas.

Thank you for helping us bless the children and people of our community this Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Friend!! May you and yours have a JOYFUL Christmas season!

Rich and Robyn Wilkerson

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