Respond, Resource, Restore. Respond. Resource. Restore. We listen and respond to each individual and families’ needs by connecting them to resources and programs available within Peacemakers or through our community partners. We specialize in developing and creating unique individual and family plans to holistically address their existing needs.

Peacemakers Family Center
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Assisting our community with services and programs, including:

Social Service Counseling
Job Placement Services
Unemployment Insurance Benefit Counseling
Parenting Education
many more Family Support Services


17801 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami Gardens, FL 33169

Children of Inmates

Children-Of-InmatesOver seventy percent of children who have a parent in prison end up in prison themselves. When this fact came to our attention we decided to act. We helped found Children of Inmates in an attempt to reunite broken families and bring peace to hurting lives. Since this program has started, Children of Inmates have served 1,500 children and families. The program helps keep families together, and provides much needed support for the children. We help the families with after school care, tutoring, and counseling five days a week. We also help children keep in contact with their incarcerated parent via internet video calls, and we have the privilege to work alongside the prisons to allow the children to visit their parents. If this program didn’t exist, most of these children wouldn’t get to see their parents until they are released; this often means never.

Job Development

Generic-PMThe job market is difficult to navigate. This is especially true for those who are uneducated, in poverty, and lacking skill. We take the old adage seriously, “teach one to fish and they eat for a lifetime.” We don’t want to just give handouts, we want to help people become independent. We provide customized, one-on-one assistance, helping individuals prepare resumes, search for jobs, and make appointments for job interviews using South Florida Workforce’s internet-based system.

Neighborhood Network

Generic-PMCommunity is essential for families to reach sustainability and peace. Through the neighborhood network, we identify, mobilize, and coordinate resources in the community to provide primary prevention and early intervention services to families. This effort promotes safe and supportive communities.

Disaster Preparedness

Generic-PMDisaster strikes without notice, without planning, and without our permission. When this happens to communities that are fighting poverty, it can be near impossible to bounce back. Hurricanes are a real threat and can shut down resources for these communities for weeks after a storm. We utilize this innovative project in disaster/emergency preparedness to assist economically vulnerable populations to prepare basic resources both pre- and post-disaster. In most cases, we are the only relief.

Trinity Christian Academy
TCAEducation is the primary route out of poverty. We want to start that process as early as possible. Our day care is fully licensed and staffed with trained and trusted professionals. We care for and teach up to three hundred and eighty-five children each day.

CDF Freedom Schools Program
CDF-FreedomThe CDF Freedom Schools© Program steps in and helps parents who can’t be home when their children arrive home from school. Many young children in the community spend hours alone each evening after school. This leaves them vulnerable. The Freedom Schools program provides a safe place for them to stay, and empowers inner city and minority youth with a passion for learning, a sense of self-worth, a focus on civic engagement and advocacy through inter-generational influence.

Summer Blast Daycamp
SummerBlastPeacemakers started with summer day camps and they are still considered an important part of what we do. Since 2005, we have been able to provide a safe, caring environment for more than 2,000 children and youth during the summer. We are able to provide them with healthy meals, group activities, sports, reading assistance, art programs, and fun!

PlanBe _______ and Healthy Relationships

PlanBe____Teen pregnancy, STDs, domestic violence, failing marriages, and poor parenting skills are major issues in Miami. Our passion for helping urban youth reach their full potential led to the creation of a series of successful youth abstinence programs, provided in partnership with the local schools. We also offer parenting classes and marriage workshops to help the members of our community build healthy relationships and stronger families.

ACCESS Program

AccessPoverty can lead to despair, and often those who are suffering can see no way out. Many of those who come to our offices have no idea they are even eligible for assistance, they are just looking for any help they can to provide a home for their children and a way to keep them fed. Our social service staff has been trained to provide assistance to those who qualify and want to apply for public assistance programs. The ACCESS program helps them find the public assistance they need to provide for their families.


AmeriCorpsThe need is so great in our community that we couldn’t do what we do with the support of volunteers. Our AmeriCorps program places its volunteers in multiple Peacemaker and partner sites throughout Miami to serve families in need. Each of these amazing volunteers work hard every day to make a difference in the lives of the people they serve. They are helping us bring peace to our community.