Is Peace Possible? – Israel, ISIS and Ferguson

Join Us! Click here to partner with us and donate today! Subscribe! Click here to subscribe today! What is Peace? Is it merely something to hope for or is it actually attainable? If you read or watch the news for just a few minutes it looks like the whole world is falling apart. Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic terrorist group in Israel, is responsible for countless suicide bombings, rocket strikes, unjustified beheadings and has even been accused of using children as shields in battle. The armed forces of Israel are also guilty of great injustice. Israeli forces have killed nearly two...Read More

We Take The #IceBucketChallenge To Another Level!

Perhaps you’ve heard of the recent “Ice Bucket Challenge” frenzy or perhaps you haven’t, either way its something we should all pay attention to. Fueled by social media outlets such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, the Ice Bucket Challenge is when someone volunteers to get doused in ice water, donate $10 or more, then challenge several other friends to do the same. The videos are hilarious to say the least. Amazingly, despite the humorous and outright silliness of the challenge, it has helped raise over 40 Million dollars in the past two weeks to support research for ALS disease. According...Read More

The Straw Isn’t The Problem

Your problems are probably bigger than you think. What do I mean? Well, in Exodus 5, Moses confronts Pharaoh and delivers a message from God, “let my people go.” This infuriates the Egyptian leader to the point of commanding the slave drivers to take the straw used to make bricks away from the Israelites, while maintaining their daily quota. This practically doubles the workload of the slaves. They now have to go and gather their own straw and still meet their quota. This obviously distresses the Israelites and it causes them to curse Moses for bringing the calamity upon them....Read More
Mentoring Matters

Mentoring Makes The Difference

Vulnerable children and young adults with histories of abuse and poverty are easy targets for sex traffickers. Threats, lies, violence, and other forms of control and manipulation are used to keep victims involved in the sex industry. The problem is so severe in south Florida that the FBI has formed a special task force to address the issue. We at Peacemakers made the decision to help stop the abuse of the youth in our community. We chose to partner with His House Children’s Home, a faith-based social services agency providing a safe home to children from newborn to 21 years...Read More