Inspiring Dads with KidPower2015

“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.” ~ Albert Schweitzer Ten years ago, when I sat around a table with Shellie Solomon, Yvonne Sawyer, and Kate Witte brainstorming about how we could help children who had an incarcerated parent, we had no idea how our concept would become Children of Inmates, Inc. (COI). COI has served more than 2,500 children in the State of Florida, since our first strategy meeting. Every quarter, COI takes children and their caregivers to visit their incarcerated parents. The COI Bonding Trip is COI’s...Read More

Inspiring Moms with KidPower2015

Something very special happened on our Children of Inmates, Inc. (COI) Bonding Trip at Lowell Correctional Institution. In our group of seventy (70) children, caregivers, staff and volunteers were three children who hadn’t seen their mother in seven months. They had traveled down from Jacksonville, Florida with their grandmother who had been acting as their guardian. The baby had been born in prison and had been quickly removed to live with his grandmother. This was the first time he had ever met his mother. This was the first time his mother had ever met him. The bicycle generator project opened...Read More

KidPower2015’s Kinetic Energy

“True compassion means not only feeling another’s pain but also being moved to help relieve it.” ~ Daniel Goleman While on our fifth and final day of Children of Inmates, Inc. (COI) Spring Bonding Visits at Everglades Correctional Institution, I realized that our KidPower2015 Earth Day Project had truly released kinetic energy. According to Live Science’s website: “Kinetic energy is the energy of mass in motion. The kinetic energy of an object is the energy it has because of its motion.” The kinetic energy we set in motion as we brought this project to life was the kinetic energy of:...Read More

The Death of Death

The Death and Resurrection of Jesus is essential to the core of Christian theology. In fact, it’s what sets us apart from all other religions. Something that amazes me about Jesus is that the movement of Christianity actually grew exponentially larger after His death. Consider many political and religious leaders who had a great impact during their lifetime, and you may see that their teachings and followers dwindle in the years after they have passed. Their life is what sparked the interest of others, and they were able to gain momentum during their time on earth. Jesus, however, started a...Read More

From King to Criminal

I’ll never forget one of the most glorifying moments of my life. It was my senior year in high school and I had spent every day committed to my competitive cheerleading squad. Now, just so you know, we weren’t your typical cheer squad. We did encourage our teams by yelling chants but we would also have two a day workouts that involved conditioning outside in the hot Florida summers until we nearly passed out. Then we would throw our bodies into unnatural forms that we call toe-touches, run at full speed to perform gymnastic passes by throwing ourselves in the...Read More

Energy is Life!

Linda Freeman It’s been a busy week! On Saturday, two of our KidPower2015 Earth Day Ambassadors, Annabelle and Destiny, took one of our new bikes out for a spin. This is one of the bikes that we will be using to construct the bicycle generators for the KidPower2015 Earth Day Project. This particular bike will travel across the State of Florida as a renewable energy learning activity on Children of Inmates (COI) Spring Bonding Visits at Florida Department of Corrections facilities. Annabelle and Destiny will be two of our spokespeople for the project and will lead our Skype conversation with...Read More

Embrace the Unexpected

Only a year ago, I was visiting New York City with Taylor over Valentine’s weekend. Walking through the snow and freezing weather of NYC, I fell in love with the beautiful city, although I was perfectly happy to escape the cold and fly back home to Florida. I’m a very calculated person. I like to have a plan and I like to follow it. Living in the northeast has never been a part of the plan. Yet, here I am, sitting in a coffee shop in Harlem, NYC in the dead of winter. We married on October 9, 2014 in...Read More

Hope Jam 2015

3rd ANNUAL HOPE JAM FAMILIES RECEIVE FREE FOOD, MEDICAL AND DENTAL CARE, AND HOPE! Over 5,000 attended Hope Jam in 2014, even MORE expected in 2015! This year’s event will be a time of fun for the entire family! All who attend will receive free food, free groceries—including fresh produce, free medical and dental exams, haircuts, games, and a grocery give-away! Adults and children alike will enjoy the live entertainment, arts and crafts activities, bounce houses, and games. Hope Jam is a large-scale community outreach event presented by Trinity Church Peacemakers Family Center in partnership with Hand of Hope, a...Read More

Thank You For Christmas

1000 Gifts for 1000 Children was a huge success thanks to you! Every year we give away over a thousand Christmas presents to children in Miami, and every year we are blown away by the gratitude of the families served. In the communities we serve, the Christmas season isn’t full of joy, laughter, family, friends, candy canes, stockings, and presents. For many of the families we help, Christmas is almost non-existent. Because of you we change that for hundreds of children. Your continued generosity improves every aspect of families’ lives in Miami-Dade County, even Christmas. You help fathers provide gifts...Read More

Walking By Faith – Cambodia 2014

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” (II Corinthians 5:7 NKJV) Walking by faith is an adventure! There is no script. There is no formula. There are no guarantees. Walking by faith requires abandonment to self and willingness to be led by God in new directions. Walking by faith may lead you into unexpected: Risk Favor Opportunity Relationships Emotions I can say these things with all certainty because this has been my faith and my experience as I followed the leading of God to Cambodia. Building a biogas digester system at Teen Challenge Cambodia (TCC) was a God idea...Read More