We are Bringing Peace to Harlem!

  Taylor and Kristen Wilkerson, and the amazing work they are doing in Harlem, were recently featured in an article on in PE News. The article, “A Heart for Harlem” tells the story of Taylor and Kristen’s journey as they work to bring Peace to a hurting community. You can read the article here: “A Heart for Harlem”

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Peacemakers is Ready to Help

September 5, 2017 Peacemakers cares for our community, and we are working with local agencies to make sure we are prepared to help meet any needs caused by HURRICANE IRMA. The Trinity Church campus has been an American Red Cross Emergency Shelter for all types of natural disasters since Spring 2011. Through our Memorandum of Understanding with the American Red Cross (ARC), our facility in Miami Gardens will be activated as an Emergency Shelter under the direction of the ARC. During an emergency, the American Red Cross has primary responsibility for the operation of the Emergency Shelter and will designate an ARC official as the…

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Nurturing the Entrepreneurial Mindset

by Linda Freeman In their article, “Defining and Assessing Entrepreneurial Mindset”,”Dr. Gary Litchstein, PhD. and Dr. Sarah Zapp, PhD. identified the five most commonly mentioned attributes of an entrepreneur. These attributes are: *risk taking, *innovation, *sales/marketing, *perseverance, and *independence/limited structure. How can we nurture middle and high school students to develop these five attributes and inspire them to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset? After spending the last six weeks with the youth in the GENERATION2050 Summer Youth Enrichment Program, I believe I have learned a few things about developing these attributes: 1. Encourage trying something new. We provided a number of opportunities to…

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Exploring STEM in the Garden

by Linda Freeman Typically when someone mentions STEM education, computer coding and robotics are the core of the conversation. However, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education encompasses a vast array of topics.  I have learned, this summer, how little young adults know about the wonders of STEM. On the first day of GENERATION2050 summer camp, many of the students were skeptical about working in the garden. Most were terrified of bees. Some even told me that they hated science and math classes. Their looked so surprised when I told them if they didn’t like math and science they clearly couldn’t…

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Raising Socially Responsible Leaders

by Linda Freeman “Social responsibility is an ethical theory, in which individuals are accountable for fulfilling their civic duty; the actions of an individual must benefit the whole of society. In this way, there must be a balance between economic growth and the welfare of society and the environment.” ~ Pachamama Alliance On the first day of the GENERATION2050 Summer Youth Enrichment Program, one of the students remarked, “I already know everything this program is about: “Believe in yourself, work hard, don’t give up, you can be whatever you want to be…I’ve heard all of it before.” His statement made me…

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Bringing a Big Idea to Life

by Linda Freeman Six months ago, I had a big idea to start a summer program for underresourced, underprivileged, urban middle and high school students focused on entrepreneurship, environmental conservation, personal leadership, and community service. I titled it GENERATION2050. Some people were skeptical when I described the program concept to them. Some even wondered out loud if the program was too ambitious and too intense for youth I was targeting. Their skepticism made me more determined to find a way for my idea to come to life this summer. With the help of some good friends, collaborative partners, and funding from…

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Passover: The Journey that Moves Us Toward The Cross

Our Peacemakers Family is AMAZING! Thank you to you for being a part of it. We are each blessed to be a member of a community blessed with so many caring, generous individuals who truly believe in our vision and mission. It takes all of us working together, praying together, and financially supporting the church together to fulfill our mission of reaching out to our community. I have faith that Jesus is going to do MIRACULOUS works through the Peacemakers Family in 2017! “Three times a year all your men must appear before the Lord your God at the place...Read More

The Art and Science of Cheesemaking

by Linda Freeman After a very busy weekend at Trinity Church’s Girlfriends Conference 2017, I got on an airplane and flew out to Walla Walla, Washington with my friends, professional chefs, Donna Caudill and Grace Low to visit Monteillet Fromagerie. Founded by Pierre-Louis and Joan Monteillet 20 years ago, Monteillet Fromagerie was the first farmstead artisanal cheese facility in the Walla Walla Valley of Southeastern Washington. This visit is the first stop on our journey to Cambodia this month to continue work on the Eco-farming project with Cambodian Care Ministries. I met Joan Monteillet by phone in September 2016 after…

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Children of Inmates

Bee-ing Hopeful in 2017

by Linda Freeman 2016 was an amazing year filled with new ideas, opportunity, adventure, and victory, as well as unexpected challenges and disappointments. Yet, throughout the year, God continued to provide a clear thread of hope, goodness, and powerful collaboration with both old and new partners. Some of the highlights of this year include the growth of the Children of Inmates program, an August 2016 mission trip to Cambodia, joining the Board of Directors of Map International, and becoming a certified beekeeper. Children of Inmates has completed its 470th Bonding Visit to a Florida Department of Corrections Correctional Institution since its…

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Making a Difference in a Child’s Life

Merry Christmas Friend! This year has flown by, and we feel so blessed that you have shared your time, prayers, and resources with Peacemakers as we work to reach out to the children and families in Miami. We are determined to make a difference in the lives of the children who live in poverty in our community. No child should ever have to do without food, shelter, or safety or worry about what their life will be like in the next few days. You can help us change their lives! It’s easy for each of us to say child poverty...Read More